Lie Detector (TV series)

Lie Detector is a television series broadcast in 2005 on Pax TV. Hosted by Rolonda Watts with assistance from polygraph administrator Dr. Ed Gelb, the show claims to “[examine] the truth behind real-life stories ripped from the headlines.” It premiered on March 8, 2005 and ended after one season.

Its first episode featured a polygraph examination of Paula Jones, a woman who had accused Bill Clinton of sexual harassment.[2]



Earlier series[edit]

Prior to the Pax series, there were three earlier Lie Detector programs: the first series in the early-1960s, a syndicated series in the mid-1970s hosted by columnist Jack Anderson, and another syndicated series from Columbia Pictures Television in early 1983, hosted by lawyer F. Lee Bailey, produced by game show producer Ralph Andrews and also assisted by Dr. Gelb.[3][4] In 1998, the Fox network presented a one-off primetime special. The premises of these series are all the same, in which a person uses a lie detector to prove their innocence.


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